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Posts tagged: trailer

I won’t forget to watch this Richard Linklater film.

Boyhood 2014

I will never forget the day my idolatry for my brother became solid, as he sang on stage like a bad ass Jean Valjean.

Les Miserables - Official Trailer | HD | Tom Hooper | Hugh Jackman | Russell Crowe

The day I watch this is the day I will confidently say: “I have lived the life that I wanted. Thank you, God.”

Anchorman 2 Teaser

Will Ferrell movie marathons are the only marathons I’ll ever be part of.

The Campaign

Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen will fall in love at the end of this film.

Take this Waltz Trailer

Chronicle feels like a torture to see, and that’s a good thing.

This loverly film will spit on that stupid film, The Romantics.

Margot at the Wedding Trailer

I’ll watch this with my boyfriend.

Beauty is Embarassing Trailer

I’ll eat popcorn while my tears fall uncontrollably watching this.

The Descendants Trailer

Life will be color-graded like a Wes Anderson film.

Moonrise Kingdom Official Trailer 1

My family and I will partake together in what seems to be a cryfest.

"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" Trailer

This film would be shown in Philippine cinemas.

Upside Down

Pearl earrings are a must when watching this film.

The Iron Lady Trailer

I get to watch this film before year ends.

With Ian, ofcourse. :)

Hugo Trailer